XANDERM Advanced – Eczema Cream & Natural Moisturiser Treatment for Dry or Itchy Skin. Rich, Thick & Soothing Cream Emollient for Hands, Face, and Body. NEW 2X LARGER SIZE

XANDERM Advanced - Eczema Cream & Natural Moisturiser Treatment for Dry or Itchy Skin. Rich, Thick & Soothing Cream Emollient for Hands, Face, and Body. NEW 2X LARGER SIZE
  • ✅ FOR ALL OF YOU – The highest quality ingredients in XANDERM Advanced are perfect for any application, wherever you have nagging dry, itchy or problem skin on your face, body, arms, hands or feet, XANDERM can help your skin feel great all-over. XANDERM Advanced is suitable for the whole family, gentle and kind enough for children and adults.
  • ✅ CALMING, SOOTHING AND REJUENATING – XANDERM Advanced has a triple effect. Firstly it calms and sooths irritated and dry skin like an emollient. Secondly it forms a light protective layer on the skin to help lock in moisture, without the use of plastic additives as found in other creams. Thirdly the natural oils work to feed the skin with essential vitamins and minerals to aid the skins natural healing process.
  • ✅ FINEST NATURAL OILS – Unlike the leading brand, XANDERM isn’t made from cheap paraffin, it’s made from a naturally derived coconut base, with the addition of the finest cold-pressed oils from nature. Our blend of natural oils were hand-picked for their healing and rejuvenating effects. Packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, nature’s natural conditioning agents; Sea Buckthorn Oil, Rosehip Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Camellia Oil and Safflower Oil.
  • ✅ GREAT RESULTS – In our trials XANDERM is effective for 4 out of 5 users. We are incredibly proud of the product we have created to treat our son, a moisturizing cream that we now bring to the market to help others in our situation. If like us you don’t want your family subjected to harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, skin clogging paraffin, or even worse, harsh steroid creams; then XANDERM could be perfect as part of your family’s health rituals.
  • ✅ FREE FROM NASTIES – Unlike some brands of Cream, Lotion and Ointment, all XANDERM products are Fragrance free, paraben free, free from petrochemicals.

Better Skin

We spent 2 long years battling our son’s Infant Eczema, trying everything we could to calm his pain; sleepless nights and itchy unpleasant days. We tried everything from all in one eczema suits to covering him from head to toe in paraffin products. The doctors couldn’t help, they just prescribed the usual gloopy, paraffin based products, harmful steroid creams and antibiotic creams.

Our long search led us to develop our own natural alternative which we named after our son Xander. The cream finally brought him relief and within a few months we had dropped all of his other treatments, since then we’ve never looked back.

It is now our mission to help other families.

With its natural oils, XANDERM is suitable, not just for those with problem skin, but for the whole family for treating everyday dry or itchy skin

XANDERM is a natural alternative that is kind to the skin and to the environment. It won’t clog your skin, or your washing machine.

Specifically developed to combat the symptoms of eczema, XANDERM Advanced contains natural oils that are packed with skin conditioning ingredients:

✅ Sea Buckthorn Oil – Naturally Rich in Fatty Acids, Vitamins and Minerals.
✅ Evening Primrose Oil – Used medicinally since 17th Century, Rich in famma linoleic acid, with anti-inflamatory and anti-oxidant effects.
✅ Rosehip Oil – Contains Vitamin A, helps to delay the effects of skin aging and assists with cell regeneration.
✅ Camellia Oil – Quickly Absorbed, Nourishing for Dry, Damaged Skin, High in Oleic Acid.
✅ Safflower Oil – Especially suited to extremely Dry Skin, High in Oleic Acid.
✅ Grape Seed Oil – Highly Moisturising, easily absorbed, rich in vitamins.

Try XANDERM on your family and you will start to see the difference in their skin.

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