WUNDERLIFT 60 Second Wrinkle Reducer

WUNDERLIFT 60 Second Wrinkle Reducer
  • For Eye Wrinkles, Crow’s Feet, Under-Eye Bags & Dark Circle Under Eyes
  • Flex-Tensor Technology Instantly Reduces Eye Wrinkles, Puffiness and Dark Circle Under Eyes
  • Long Lasting Effects – Up to 8 Hours!
  • xclusive Color Correctors and Moisturizing agents to prevent Cracking and Whitening
  • Micro-Filler Technology Releases Nano-Ingredients Helping to Plump and Fill Skin

WUNDERLIFT is a breakthrough wrinkle reducing serum featuring its exclusive FlexTensor Technology which combines a firming matrix with color correctors. WUNDERLIFT instantly lifts, firms and evens out the surface of your skin on contact, eliminating the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and even under-eye dark circles and puffiness. TECHNOLOGY: WUNDERLIFT is formulated with its proprietary Flex-Tensor technology in combination with moisturizing agents and color correctors. The Flex-Tensor Technology is designed to work on contact, tightening the skin within 60 seconds and removes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Skin stays smooth and flexible for hours, and does not whiten or flake like some other products. WUNDERLIFT also releases a proprietary complex of “micro-fillers,” which penetrate into the surface of the skin. The “micro-fillers” are made up of nano-HA particles in combination with lipid enhancing compounds which work within the skin to plump, fill and firm the skin, allowing for enhanced results that can have long term anti-aging benefits. WUNDER2 developed Flex-Tensor technology for WUNDERLIFT which allows for immediate results on the surface of the skin that looks natural and lasts for hours. In addition, WUNDERLIFT features a proprietary micro filler complex which penetrates into the surface of the skin, plumping and filling from within and providing long term anti-aging benefits. Combining both technologies allows WUNDERLIFT to work both on the surface of the skin, as well as under the skin, to provide amazing results in just 60 seconds.

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