Naissance Kaolin Clay BP 100g 100% Pure

Naissance Kaolin Clay BP 100g 100% Pure
  • Kaolin – white clay has astringent properties. People with normal to oily skin may use it to remove impurities
  • **New Packaging** – Now Supplied In A Light Weight Resealable Pouch Instead Of A Tub
  • Additive to toothpaste and used in many types of cosmetics
  • Deters insect damage when applied as a spray liquid in organic farming


Kaolin is a white clay powder (also referred to as China clay) used in cosmetic masks, body powders, deodorants and soaps. White Kaolin clay is also used as a scent fixative.

Uses & Benefits:

For both sensitive and dry skin
Can remove oils and impurities from the skin when used a face mask
For External Use only.

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