Naissance Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil 100ml 100% Pure

Naissance Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil 100ml 100% Pure
  • May decongest and alleviate phlegm from the respiratory system
  • Used in haircare to help combat dandruff and greasy hair
  • When diffused, the aroma may help inspire calm and composure
  • Blends well with: Lemon myrtle, lemon, Mandarin


The appearance of this fabulous oil ranges from a rich amber to brown colour and is relatively viscous with a deep woody, balsamic aroma.

The Himalayan Cedar wood is one of the few ‘true’ cedars and is native to the Himalayan region including eastern Afghanistan, northern India and northern Pakistan. It presents itself with dark blue-green needles and drooping branches that allow it to endure the harshest of the Himalayan conditions.

Main Uses:

In aromatherapy, the Cedrus deodora has an interesting plethora of applications whether used in diffusion or massage.

Amongst it’s most popular uses, it is reputed to help relieve those chesty coughs and congested sinuses when added to a carrier oil and massaged into the top of the back and chest. It is also believed to help relieve muscular and articular pains, therefore particularly prized by sportsmen and women be it pre or post workouts.

In diffusion, the Cedrus deodora is excellent in purifying and sanitising the air throughout your household with it’s refreshing yet appeasing aroma. Again, in a more medicinal manner it is highly effective in helping alleviate and clear those chesty coughs and blocked sinuses by fluidifying the mucus. Another practical use is to use the oil’s astringing properties to help you combat greasy hair or scalp and even dandruff. All in all, the Himalayan Cedar Wood essential oil is a valuable ally to have in your aromatherapy collection.

Blends Well with:

Lemon myrtle, lemon, Mandarin


100% Pure Himalayan Cedar wood Essential Oil

INCI: Cedrus deodora

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