Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow – Coffee

Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow - Coffee
  • Liquid eyeshadow by Max Factor
  • In stunning warm shade, Coffee
  • Precisely defines eyes with cleverly-designed applicator
  • Colour blends easily
  • Part of the Masterpiece Collection range

Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow Coffee Range: Colour Precision Eye Shadow Masterpiece Colour Precision Eye Shadow is a long lasting creamy shadow featuring a smooth precision applicator for easy use. Features Easily bendable colours Benefits Long lasting creamy shadow Warnings or Restrictions This is a personal care or cosmetic product that is safe for consumers and other users under intended and reasonably foreseeable use. Additional information on toxicological endpoints is available from the supplier upon request. To safeguard the purity of the product and applicator: (1) Always handle and apply in a careful and sanitary manner; (2) Do not share with others; (3) Do not add anything to the mascara; (4) Do not rest the applicator on any surface or use an old applicator in a new case; (5) Cap tightly to help prevent changes in odor or appearance (if change occurs, discontinue use). Warning: Eye cosmetics in a scratched, infected or irritated eye and scratches from eye cosmetic applicators can lead to eye damage and in extreme cases even blindness. If your eye is scratched, infected or irritated, stop using all eye cosmetics and see an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) immediately. Chronic Effects: Finished product is not expected to have chronic health effects. Target Organs: No adverse health effects on target organs expected for finished product. Carcinogenicity: Finished product is not expected to be carcinogenic. NTP: No IARC: No OSHA: No

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