KINGDOMCARES Nano Ionic Hot Mist Facial Steamer Clear Blackheads Acne Fat Granule Salon Warm Mist Face Steamers Moisturizing Cleansing Humidifier Pores Personal Skin Care Sauna SPA Atomizer Facial Hydration System Sprayer Rose

KINGDOMCARES Nano Ionic Hot Mist Facial Steamer Clear Blackheads Acne Fat Granule Salon Warm Mist Face Steamers Moisturizing Cleansing Humidifier Pores Personal Skin Care Sauna SPA Atomizer Facial Hydration System Sprayer Rose
  • 1.Portable Face Steamer Humidifier Works For Beauty Facial Treatment: Facial sauna spa quality system skin kit with 10 minutes automatic shut-off timer setting, nano ionic hot mist face sprayer is designed for skin moisturizing. The nanocare face steamer can provide you professional salon sauna spa at home, working for aromatherapy microdermabrasion, pores deep cleansing, blackheads whitehead acne removal. Multifunctional ozone steamer help skin hydrate and rejuvenate to youthful complexion.
  • 2.High Quality Heating Element with Ultrasonic Vaporizer Produces Nano Steam with Negatively Charged Ionic Particles: The hot mist facial steamer takes the advanced PTC ceramic heating element to vaporize water, producing a visibly strong steam instantly. You can easily have a delicate beauty SPA at home. Tiny nano ionic steam penetrate skin and supplement moisture effectively, improving skin nutritional absorbency, relieve sinuses. Skin feel refreshed and maintain a beautiful natural-looking.
  • 3.Multifunctional New Type Steamer: 3-in-1 steamer is not only good for skin care, but also it can humidify room and warm towels for ultimate refreshment. A larger 90ml water tank allows for 10-12 minutes of working time with a completely silent operation, long running time. One press button operation, easy and convenient for your beauty routine. High-tech ozone function is provided to sterilize. A UV lamp sterilizes steam so that it can reach your skin with purest most effective condition.
  • 4.Skin Cleansing, Quick Moisture Replenishment and Absorption Improving: Nano ionic water particles are up to 10x more effective for penetrating skin. A tepid and gentle temperature unclog pores to remove skin dirt and promote blood circulation. Followup your steaming session with blemish extractor kit to remove blackheads and blemishes can achieve the best skin cleansing effect. It can improve cell vitality and nutritional-absorption to help skin restore to a smooth, delicate skin condition.
  • 5.High-end Design and What You Get: Smart shut-off features, facial steamer shuts off automatically if there is no water in the water supply tank, preventing any injury. It is in stylish, compact and sleek design. It can be used on normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin types, helping skin recover to a tender younger and healthier condition. What you get: A professional steamer with user manual, exquisite package and 2-Year Warranty. The best Birthday and Christmas gift choice!

The only official KINGDOM CARES Brand Store on Amazon. KINGDOM CARES has been dedicating to developing, designing and manufacturing electrical beauty care products since 1999. Now it is the leader of China market for electrical skin care appliance.

1. KINGDOMCARES utilizes an advanced miniaturized Quality Thermal Coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating element that instantly turns cool water into warm and powerful vapor. A UV lamp serves as an indicator and sterilizes the steam so that guarantee user’s health.
2. Cleaning and moisturize from outside to inside. Micro-Fine Particles assist to dilute melanin from epidermis, inhibit the oil accumulation. Water replenishment, relax wrinkles last your skin long-day hydrating.
3. Directed micro-fine steam can touch your whole face, particularly T-zone and nose wing that normally can’t be cleaned thoroughly. The steam didn’t contain chemical additives.
4. Tepid vapor can relieve fatigue, loosen strained facial nerve. It’s effective to promote the blood circulation, open the capillaries and remove the impurities.
5. Decent volume make you easily store in your wardrobe. Light weight is much more portable to be taken anywhere at your home. Spraying face when using other skin cares product in order to rich nutrients.

Product name: Hot Mist Facial Steamer
Model Number: KC-1331A
Rate Voltage: AC 220-230V
Power: 280w
Rate Frequency: 50Hz
Steam temperature: Approx. 40C (104 F) at a distance of approx. 20cm from the edge of the nozzle

Package Includes:
1* Facial steamer
1* User Manual
1* Bow-knot

1. It recommends that open package and let odor diffuses from the steamer.
2. Please note safe distance between steamer and your face should be 7-8″ inches. Strong vapor turned by full tank of water moisturizes your skin 8~10 minutes.

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