KeraFiber Hair Spray 120 Ml E

KeraFiber Hair Spray 120 Ml E
  • Fine clear mist that secures the thickening Keratin fibers
  • Perfect way of enhancing the volume of your hair
  • Supports every strand of hair to hold on to the thickness
  • Provides a special coating over hair strands
  • Enriched with naturally derived ingredients including Vitamin B

KeraFiber Fiber Hold Spray strengthens the bond between the KeraFiber Hair Fibers and your thin hair. The copolymer complex found in KeraFiber Hair Spray plays an important function intensifying the magnetic attraction to the hair and thus ensuring that the keratin fibers are bonded securely to your hair. This offers both an excellent hold and a natural, flexible look to your hair. It enhances the attraction, ensuring that your hair stay in their place even through wind, rain and sweat. Along with this it conditions your hair and adds the finishing touch, while leaving you with pleasant smelling, thick and fuller hair. KeraFiber Hair Spray gives you a more even and natural coverage throughout the day.

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