JESSICA Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser 14.8 ml

JESSICA Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser 14.8 ml
  • Intensively conditioning to soften cuticles
  • Promotes growth and strength of the nail
  • Natural jojoba, almond and rice oils heal and rehydrate
  • Multi-use product, can be used on any areas that need extra hydration
  • Not tested on animals

Jessica Phenomen Oil rehydrates the skin around your nails, conditioning and softening your cuticles and promoting the growth and strength of your nail. You can even use Jessica Phenomen Oil on your elbows, feet and knees; or wherever dryness demands some fresh and intense moisturising. Jessica Phenomen Oil is formulated with healing Jojoba, almond and rice oils to revitalise and maintain ideal moisture balance. How To Use Jessica Phenomen Oil: Apply Jessica Phenomen Oil in the evening for deep overnight penetration.

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