Hairizone Universal Diffuser for Hair Dryers with Nozzle Diameter Between 1.7″-2.6″ for Curly or Wavy Hair Styling, Shiny Black

Hairizone Universal Diffuser for Hair Dryers with Nozzle Diameter Between 1.7
  • Maintain your natural texture with our volumizing diffuser that delivers incredible results
  • This hair dryer attachment is diffusing the harsh heat from the dryer and disperse air with gentle evenness. Protect the hair from damage of concentrated heat, blow away the frizz, and slash your time for styling
  • New patented product with lockable buttons. Streamline design, luxury shiny black finishing
  • Real universal. Suitable for hair dryers with nozzle diameter: 1.7 inches – 2.6 inches. Can adapt to over 90% different designs of hair blower in the market
  • Made from high quality PC material. Good resistance to water and fire. ECO-friendly. Odourlessness

Do you have such experience: You buy a beautiful hair diffuser but found it cannot match your blow dryer! What will you do then? Some people maybe give it up, while some just change a new hair dryer.


Through HairIQ+ technology, we are committed to developing pro-salon-quality product that is afforable, easy to use and more effective. Hairizone diffuser is come with patented retractable buttons, that can match over 90% different hair dryers designs in the market. Super easy to attach.

The Bigger The Better
This diffuser has 6″ diameter vast surface (=18.8″ circumference), allows more hair to get heat contact at the same time, especially for girls with volume or length.

Match is Not A Problem
It’s universal type that can support hair dryers with nozzle diameter 1.7″-2.6″, even though the nozzle is not come in orbicular round shape, other shapes also work! Its retractable buttons can lock the interface tightly when using, so it won’t fall off easily.

Slash Drying Time
The tray come with 3D prongs offers up to 211 air holes to blow more sufficiently air, uniquely targeting every angle of your hair, catching your natural textures and drying hair much faster, while minimal damage from exposure to the concentrated heat.

Package: 1 x Hair Diffuser
1 x User Manual
1 x Thank you card

1.This diffuser may become hot after period time of use. Lower down your blow dryer’s temperature or Stop using.
2.DO NOT TOUCH THIS DIFFUSER when the temperature is too high, pull out after cooling.
3.DO NOT SHAKE when working.

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