Hair Volume With Apple Extract, 90 Tablets – New Nordic US Inc – UK Seller

Hair Volume With Apple Extract, 90 Tablets - New Nordic US Inc - UK Seller
  • The product is a new generation of supplement helps to maintain healthy and voluminous hair and avoid diffused hair loss.
  • Hair Volume is different from the vitamin supplements and hair treatments, which are found in the market.
  • Hair Volume is a new Swedish invention, based on extract from apple rich in procyanidins.
  • Tablet has growth factors from apple in combination with the B-vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • Apple is very rich in so-called phytocyanidins, which function as growth factors for the cells of the follicles.

Hair Volume is based on vitamins, minerals and innovative hair growth factors from apples. The composition is a unique innovation and a reinvention of the old hair, skin and nail tablet. Thousands of people has already experienced the benefits of Hair Volume, which has made it the worlds leading hair tablet with natural apple hair growth factor. Hair Volume contains natural growth factor procyanidin B2, extracted from apples. This is an ingredient that has been studied extensively and found to increase hair growth. Growth factors are signal molecules, which playa central role in governing the maintenance of the cells of the tissues, their function and regeneration.

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