Groomarang Beard Shaving and Clippings Catcher Bib- Less Mess, Better Beard

Groomarang Beard Shaving and Clippings Catcher Bib- Less Mess, Better Beard
  • GROOMARANG THE MEN’S GROOMING BRAND YOU WILL KEEP COMING BACK TO- With over 10000+ positive reviews Groomarang is an established international Brand. As always our first priority is to provide our customers with the very best quality products. This is why we always look to utilise the most advanced technologies to ensure we are always leading the market
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Easy to use catcher, attaches to any flat surface. The suction cups have some serious strength, to ensure no nasty surprises. Trim your beard in minutes without the hassle of cleaning up.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE – Full clear and easy to follow instructions provided with tips and tricks to make the best use of the beard catcher
  • PERFECT SIZE AND TOP QUALITY – We bring the highest quality material for our customers and the optimum size of 80cm x 59cm for a massive coverage. We strive to provide world class customer service. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly issue you a FULL refund. No questions asked. With over 10,000 trusted reviews we know you will be satisfied
  • GET YOUR GROOM ON- Be part of the fastest growing Men’s grooming brand

Groomarang- The Men’s Grooming Brand You Will Keep Coming Back To

Get Your Groom On

Time for a bit of beard trimming?

More like time for a big heap of beard mess all over the bathroom floor and an hour long clean up.

Even worse hair in the sink, hair on the soap, hair on your phone or worst of all, God forbid, hair all over your girlfriend’s favourite make up (guarantees long term stay in the doghouse). We have all been there, and it is headache us men out there simply don’t need.

Fear no more!

Groomarang Beard Catcher solves the daily headache men across the globe suffer from having to clean up their beard mess. The innovatively designed catcher fits around your neck and hangs onto any flat wall, leaving you with the perfect pit for your hair trimmings to be caught into and disposed of with no mess.


– Beard Catcher- Size: 80cm x 59cm

– 2 x Silicone Catcher Holding Cups

– 1 x Full Instruction Leaflet

Lowest Price: £17.79
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