False nail wrap to cover missing or infected nails

False nail wrap to cover missing or infected nails
  • An easy solution to conceal missing, damaged or fungal nails for that special occasion
  • Wear open-toe shoes without embarrasement
  • Easy to apply, cosmetic grade latex free cover-ups, apply just like a plaster
  • Help protect during the healing process
  • Cut to size, paint then apply, designed to last for a day or so

If you have missing or damaged toenails and cannot use a regular false nail because there is nothing to stick it to or the nail is infected then this is the simple but effective solution. Feel confident wearing sandals and open-toe shoes all year round! These cosmetic grade, latex free, cover-ups create the illusion of a healthy, beautiful toenail, while helping to protect during the healing process. Appealing while healing! Simple to apply; Just cut the wrap to the length of nail required, finish with your favourite nail polish and then apply to the damaged nail bed by overlapping the adhesive wrap under your toe. The wraps are soft to avoid discomfort to painful toes and the underside of the ‘nail’ is not sticky so as not to damage to infected nail. 16 wraps in 3 sizes include in the pack to cover most nails.

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