Cocoa Butter 1kg – Certified Organic Raw Unrefined Pure

Cocoa Butter 1kg - Certified Organic Raw Unrefined Pure
  • Premium organic, unrefined cocoa butter extracted by pressing only – no nasty solvent extraction
  • Our cocoa butter is certified as 100% organic by the Soil Association licence number DA14281
  • Experience the amazing natural cocoa scent with this raw cocoa butter
  • 100% Natural, no fragrances, chemicals or other nasties!
  • Food grade, suitable for chocolate making and baking

Our organic unrefined cocoa is as raw as it gets. Some cocoa butter is extracted using solvents or chemically treated to change the colour or scent, but not this one! Truly a premium grade cocoa, only the best here. The cocoa beans used to create this beautiful cocoa butter haven’t been sprayed with pesticides, which often harm the local ecosystem and pollute the soil. This means that you can rest assured this cocoa butter has a smaller ecological impact then other standard grade cocoa butters.

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