24PCS Matte with Metallic French Acrylic False Nails Fake Nail Full Cover Medium Nail Tip Art Black&Silver

24PCS Matte with Metallic French Acrylic False Nails Fake Nail Full Cover Medium Nail Tip Art Black&Silver
  • Matte black with SILVER edge,100% new and fashion style
  • Easy and comfortable to wear. Look noble and elegant.
  • Can be used at many occasions and makes you feel cool.
  • Great gift idea for family & friends or just for you.
  • Look noble and elegant

100% brand new
Nail box includes: 24pcs NAIL TIPS.
In order to stick these false nails on your natural nails, you will need to buy glue or use the double adhesive sheets. The product offers for everyone loves fashionable nails (includes non-professional technicians) because it is very easy to apply, and most customers can apply it at home.
If there’s some discrepancies with file size,please use the nail file to polish a little.
STEP 1. Remove any nail polish. Clean & Dry your natural nails.
STEP 2. Select the right size tips and double-sided adhesive sheets for all ten fingers and arrange them in the sequence they will be applied. If you are unable to find a nail that fit exactly, select next larger nail and file the sides to achieve the correct fit.
STEP 3. Stick adhesive on you natural nails and press a little hard
STEP 4. Press and hold false nail on the top of adhesive sheets in 5 sec to make the false nails stick strongly to natural nails.
STEP 5. For maximum protection and shine apply top coat after top coat Now you have the perfect stunning hands with our false nails.
STEP 1. Using a nail clipper of scissors trim off as much artificial nail as possible neat the free edge of your natural nail. Soak nails in 100% acetone until they soften.
STEP 2. Wipe off the softened the plastic and glue with an acetone soaked cotton ball. To eliminate the remaining traces gently buff and clean the natural nail by using the finger side of file.
Wipe a final time with the acetone soaked cotton ball to remove all residue.
STEP 3. Wash hands with soap and water. Apply cuticle oil of conditioner to moisturize nail bed, cuticles and surrounding skin.

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